Created by comedian Kyle Shire and producer and art director Nick Plotquin, Cobra Juice began as an underground variety show spectacle put on inside Nick’s scene shop. With a stage made from scratch and discarded set pieces from TV and film, Cobra Juice found its voice as one of LA’s edgiest underground oddities. It has featured performances from cult figures like Jackie Kaishan, Deven Green, Clownvis Presley, and the Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater. Now it has a home at LA’s prestigious Steve Allen Theater with Trepany House as a producing partner.

Hosted by Kyle Shire and Sovereign Syre
Produced by Nick Plotquin, Kyle Shire, and Sovereign Syre
Directed by Amit Itelman

Presented by Trepany House

Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry

4337 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90027